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So much of our contentment in life depends on how we deal with change. Change is constant, and once we accept that and shift  as the seasons, we’ll tap into that deeper well in all of us and be more at peace. 
If this seems easier said than done, you're not alone in that thought. The nature of all life is change yet the general nature of human beings is to resist change.  
So how can we use our yoga practice to help us through? 

Practice staying present.  
Look around, take a breath and notice something right now. Take more mental pictures and punctuate them with a deep breath and a smile instead of your camera.

Feel Mother Earth beneath you & ground down with awareness. 
Notice your feet & toes throughout the day. Know you're going to loose balance once in awhile. Breath, fall and start again. In the meantime be kind to yourself.

What are you grateful for in this moment? 
How many things can you mentally list in one minute? This simple question will have many different answers throughout your day. Play with gratitude especially when the challenges arise. 

Smile! Scientists and spiritual teachers alike agree that this simple act can transform you and the world around you. Smiling is contagious, can boost your immune system, relieve stress, lower your blood pressure, makes you look younger, and help us stay more positive. So the next time you feel down, smile and trick your body into changing your mood! 

Remember we are change in the form of beautiful beings.