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The sound of the birds song in the mornings and the turkeys dancing outside of our studio remind us to celebrate Spring! 
This spring let's clear out the cobwebs from our minds and hearts as well as our closets. Why not use this season of renewal as a reminder to get rid of things that are dragging us down and stealing or deflating our energy?.

Here Are Five Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Body, Mind & Spirit:

Air out your attic: Allow yourself to let go of the past to make room for new things to come into your life. This is the time to commit to making some new decisions and choices. Get to projects you've have been putting off. Let go of the excuses that limit your own ideas about what you can and cannot accomplish.

Commit yourself to think positively: Recent research has shown we can actually change the circuitry of our brains. When something negative comes up, pair it with something positive and practice being a positive being.  
“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”  ~ Helen Keller 

Commit to some new rituals: Taking on some new behaviors or rituals into your day gives you time out from your everyday routines. Maybe start your day with a mental gratitude list or incorporate some new activity into your day such as a walk, dancing, Yoga, Pilates or meditation. Make it fun!

Try something new: Take on a new hobby or activity you always wanted to try.  If you have wanted to learn to play music or take a painting class, consider it. Take a computer class or think about a dream that you've wanted to fulfill but have been putting off. Volunteering time can also be a way to renew your skills, talents and replenish your spirit. 

Spend time outdoors:  Literally connect to Mother Nature!  Connecting to the Earth's natural energy is the best medicine and fundamental for vibrant health. Walk barefoot and let your inner child out to play. Dig your hands into the soil, or consider planting a tree with your child or grandchild and watch it grow.  Don't forget to show the trees your tree pose  :o)

Choosing to live from a place of delight will help you to embrace all that life has to offer and move forward with a grateful heart.

 Happy Spring!