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11111 Rt 23 Windham, NY 12496
Call or text Nicole (518) 588-3195
No need to reserve a space - Drop-in's Welcome!
Do you ever feel stuck... feeling emotionally, physically or mentally stagnant? As the depths of winter engulf us we are sometimes left feeling tight, anxious, and even a bit sad and unmotivated. When I feel the darkness start to creep in, that's when I pull out any or all of the tools I have learned from my teachers, ancestors, and inner child.
Here are just a few of my favorite practices.

* Obviously I'm going to start with my yoga & meditation practice. My mat is home base. Mix up your routine by adding a wild child Kundalini kriya and an actual scream and Snap! You'll instantly increase your circulation and boost your mood. (Ask me to demonstrate next time I see you).

* Dancing and singing very badly. (Nothing makes me laugh harder than my sick Flashdance routine Circa1980's Yo! :o)

* Walking in nature. Fresh air is medicine and if you add your best friends and a couple of crazy dogs ~ instant cure for the blues.

* Pamper yourself with a massage, a pedicure or a bath with essential oils & sea salt. I like to include my favorite music and a few pieces of dark chocolate coated caramels.
* My mental Gratitude list. As many people/ things as I can. I repeat it like a mantra,
I am grateful for... Anger, fear and the funk can't live next to gratitude. Flood the darkness with love and raise your vibrations.

Once you shake up your inner child go out and help or inspire someone else.
Represent Love light warriors.