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Heidi Ruehlmann

   I have practiced and studied Hatha Yoga since 1969. In 2002 I received my teaching certification in Prana Yoga at the New York Open Center lead by Dr. Jeff Migdow and Priti Robin.
  Prana Yoga focuses on the chakra system and teaches ways to consciously release energy blockages in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body, creating balance and ease on all levels of being. In Prana Yoga we combine the practice of asana with chanting the seed sounds and vowel sounds of the chakra with the intention to increase, decrease, move, and balance the energies in the major energy centers (chakra) in our bodies. 
  My teaching style is also greatly influenced by my early teachers Ani Nadler Grosser and Rachel Gluckstein.
  I have a great desire to share Yoga with those who experience restrictions in their physical bodies due to age, excess weight, or injuries. I want to show that with the help of gentle movement, attention to the breath, and an open heart, we can change the way we feel about our bodies, how we relate to ourselves and others, and to the world around us.
Mountain Breeze Yoga
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 Al Sayegh 
(Anand Dev Singh)

 Al Sayegh began his yogic path in 2000 by discovering his spiritual journey thru Kundalini Yoga. In 2013 he was blessed in completing his Kundalini Teacher certification under the guidelines of KRI
He is grateful for learning under the guidance of these beautiful teachers, Guru Dharam, Siri Sat Kaur & Mahan Rishi. Besides his thirst for yoga he has utilized his photographic prowess, for over 30 years, to shoot over 150 of the world's top musicians and celebrities. His work has appeared in numerous publications including ShowBusiness, People and USA Today, on CD covers, websites and in other medium. The spiritual name given to Al is Anand Dev Singh, which means, the Lion who is blessed within his divine self- the bliss of being one with God. Al has now felt the calling to bring Kundalini Yoga to the mountaintop and to share with all who seek a beautiful fine-tuning of our minds, body & soul.
Nicole Sansone

  I fell in love with Yoga after my very first class with Heidi Ruehlmann somewhere around 1998 and am blessed to be working with her all these years later at the Mountain Breeze Yoga studio.
I received my teaching certification in 2008 from The Hard & The Soft Yoga Institute with Beryl Bender Birch. 

  My classes are alignment based, fun artistic expressions that combine various styles and techniques of yoga woven together with the transformative power of the breath. Students are encouraged to move from where they are, go inward throughout the practice, and fully explore with gratitude all that is.  

  As a teacher one can have many hours of instruction on the teaching and learning of yoga, but the best experience comes from spending time on your mat, exploring the mantra of breath, and moving your body with the intention of deep listening. I am inspired by the limitless places one can go.
Maryann Bucek Kenny 
(Akkamahadevi )

Akkamahadevi has relocated to the beautiful Northern Catskills from New York City. She studied and taught at the Integral Yoga Institute of New York. Following the teachings of Swami Satchidananda, she incorporates his inspirational affirmations into her class.  
Akka is a certified 500 hour yoga guide in Level I Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga, with additional trainings in restorative, gentle and yoga for arthritis. By providing accessible yoga to all, she found her calling in therapeutic yoga. Today, Akka is a certified yoga therapist, a C-IAYT with the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Akka is also a Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui system.  
Guiding students through gentle and restorative postures, deep relaxation, breath awareness, sound vibration and meditation, Akka gives her students a full integral yoga practice to obtain balance in body, mind and energy.  
Anna Sayre 

I started dancing at 5 and movement has been a core part of my life ever since. Pilates was always something that came alongside my ballet training, but I fell in love with it while living in Washington and Colorado and was certified at Power Pilates in NYC in 2009. 
I am also a post-partum Doula, supporting women and their families just after birth. I really enjoy helping mothers to gain core strength after birth (even if it's years later).
I learn most when things are playful and fun, so that's what inspires my teaching style. I am heavily influenced by Rebecca Leone and Emily Smith, the early teachers I adore. I hope that you leave class with one thing that sticks with you and that can be applied to your ordinary movement every day.