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11111 Rt 23 Windham, NY 12496

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Call or Text Nicole 518-588-3195
[email protected]
Located 2 Miles West of Windham 
Next to the Brandywine Restaurant
We strive to be a place of practice for people of all walks of life, young, mature, limber, or stiff. We believe that yoga is a lifestyle which helps us learn to live happy, healthful lives by connecting with the best version of ourselves. Sure, getting the body fit and strong is part of that, but fitness is not all that we offer. We strive to condition the body so we can clear the mind and find peace in all areas of life on and off the mat.

There's no such thing as being “good at yoga.” Being “good” at yoga postures (asana) is something that doesn't exist. Remember, yoga is a practice that helps us to deeply explore ourselves while learning to quiet the mind. Allow yourself to grow with your practice, and just let go! When you can leave judgment of yourself and others off the yoga mat, the benefits are endless. 
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